Hairy Dudini



Vol. 1

by Hairy Dudini

Released 2017
Released 2017
Funky magic music with gritty guitars, soulful songs, live looping and supersonic synthesizers.
Dear Music Listener,

Hi. Its me. The Hairy Dudini. I know you are here reading this because you are a fan of music. Not just the dribble that spills out of the industry, but real....unadulterated......uncut.......raw.......people just playing the shit out of their instruments and writing cool songs and having some good fun......MUSIC!

I would like to extend an extremely enthusiastic thank you for your thirst, and your desire to hear …
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Live Cuts n' Covers:

by Hairy Dudini Trio

Live from various locations and players.
Players include:

Drummers - Zach Martin, Josh Kanusky, Joe Ciarvella, Josh Steingard
Bassists - Josh Tacker, Max Pyle, Shane McGeehan, Ken Vincent